Blog Audit Services

It can be a daunting task sifting through blog audit services trying to determine which one will be right for your blog.

Elevate Your Blog with Our Comprehensive SEO & Monetization Blog Audit Services

Transform your blog into a thriving online presence with our unparalleled SEO & Monetization Blog Audit services. Designed to boost traffic and income generation, our audits provide a personalized, hands-on approach to help you achieve maximum growth and profitability.

What is an SEO & Monetization Blog Audit?

The SEO & Monetization Blog Audit is a two-part process designed to help improve the growth and profitability of your blog. The SEO component focuses on improving the quality and quantity of traffic your website generates from search engines like Google or Bing by evaluating your technical and on-page aspects. Meanwhile, Monetization looks into ways you can create income from your blog like affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, ads, and so on.

Together, these components ensure that your outstanding content is matched by the traffic and revenue it deserves. Our audit services provide a comprehensive analysis of your blog, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to optimize your blog’s potential and outshine the competition.

Your 4-Step Journey to Blogging Success

  1. Initial Discussion: We’ll start by understanding your current position and goals, ensuring we’re the right fit for your needs. Once we’ve established a solid foundation, we’ll provide some homework to help us get started.
  2. Deep-Dive Blog Analysis: Our experts will meticulously inspect your blog using advanced SEO tools and software, identifying areas for improvement and growth.
  3. Audit Delivery: In a Skype video session, we’ll present our findings and discuss ways to enhance your technical SEO, on-page SEO, and monetization strategies.
  4. Follow-Up & Strategy: After the audit, you’ll receive a detailed SEO report and a roadmap for moving forward, empowering you to take charge of your blog’s growth.

What’s Included in Our Blog Audit?

  • Video recording of the consultation, available for download
  • Comprehensive SEO report
  • Detailed action plan for driving your blog’s success

      What’s Included in a Blog Audit?

      Our audits cover an amazing amount of information. Audits last on average 4-5 hours… sometimes longer and rarely shorter.

      Every blog audit includes:

      • Video Recording of our consultation that’s available for you to download.
      • A detailed SEO Report.
      • A detailed outline and roadmap of the steps you need to take to move your blog forward in a positive direction.

      Blog Audit Pricing

      Our SEO & Monetization Blog Audit fees are based on the total number of blog posts and pages, reflecting the time and effort required for a thorough analysis.

      0 – 99 Posts & Pages
      Price: $750
      100 – 199 Posts & Pages
      Price: $1,500
      200 – 299 Posts & Pages
      Price: $2,500
      300 – 499 Posts & Pages
      Price: $3,500
      500 – 699 Posts & Pages
      Price: $4,500
      700 – 899 Posts & Pages
      Price: $5,500
      900 – 999 Posts & Pages
      Price: $6,500
      1,000+ Posts & Pages
      Price: $7,500+

      Book Your Free Strategy Session

      Before diving into an audit, let’s have a 30-45 minute conversation to provide a high-level overview of your blog’s current state.

      During your Free Strategy Session:

      • We will discuss your challenges.
      • You will get a high-level overview of where your blog needs improvement.
      • You will learn what you can do today to help move your blog forward.
      • We will see if we’re going to be a good fit to work together.

      There’s no cost or obligation for the Free Strategy Session

      Unlock Your Blog’s Potential

      Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your blog’s performance and achieve exceptional results. Book your free strategy session today and embark on the journey to blogging success.


      For any of our blog audit services, you must meet these qualifications:

      • You must own your own domain.
      • Your site must be on a site that is self-hosted.
        • We will not do audits on websites hosted through hosting.
        • If your website is on Wix, Weebly, Shopify, Squarespace, Webflow, or any other type of premade site-building service… our very 1st recommendation will be to move to WordPress.
        • If you need new hosting, we highly recommend Big Scoots and you get a package with an SSL (yes that’s our affiliate link).
          • We do not recommend getting Blue Host, Hostgator, or any EIG-owned hosting company… if you already have to host from one of them, so be it and if we can avoid it from the get-go, you will be ahead of the game.
      • This is a video conference call, you must be willing to do the audit over video on your computer via Skype.
      • We will not do phone call/ email blog audits.
        • You must use earbuds & a mic or headphones and a mic… Using your audio speakers on your computer is not an option.
      • To find the total number of blog posts & pages, we will do a quick scan of your site when you first contact us and let you know how many posts and pages are on your site.

      Very Important:

      *Though we may or may not do a few blog fixes for you, the SEO & Blog Monetization Audit does not include me doing your blog fixes for you.

      *If you’re interested in us doing your blog fixes for you, check out our service: Hire an SEO Specialist.

      Refund Policy

      We give a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

      If any of our blog audit services do not meet your expectations, we’ll refund 100% of the price of your audit.

      Don’t hesitate to Contact us if you have questions.